Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Tom Waits Hour of Power"

I was never all that fond of drinking games, even in the amateur days. However, a few summers ago,  my brother had told me about "Hour of Power". Immediately I thought it was a stupid idea. Then he went on to describe the accompanying playlists. Internet folks were composing hour long playlists with minute long clips of each song. Free to download, the song change would cue the next drink which made it easier to keep time.
The two of us decided to make our own Hour of Power playlist that solely featured the music of Tom Waits. Only instead of a playlist, we were going to make a mix tape. It wasn't easy. We had to pick the best minute long clip from 60 of our favorite Tom songs. Sometimes we'd listen to a song 3 or 4 times each. Then we'd synch it up, carefully eyeball the clock, and continuously hover over the REC button. It took all evening and night to finish it because we messed up a few times by not paying attention. Frequent pizza and beer breaks, as well. It actually ended up being a lot of fun making the damn thing.
A few days passed before we actually decided to play The Tom Waits Hour of Power. With Old Style, of course. We only got through Side A because I was uncomfortably full and our belches were starting to rattle the windows. We decided to take a ten minute break mid sentence I was punched in the face with drunk. Intoxication hit me all at once. My brother wanted to keep going with Side B. I refused.
The tape has been collecting dust ever since then. I came across it today while digging through boxes and felt bad. So much time was spent making it and we didn't even get through the whole tape. I decided to convert it to digital and make it available to download. Somewhere out there a bunch of drunk idiots will appreciate a Tom Waits drinking game. Even if you aren't into drinking games, it's a brisk walk through Tom's musical catalog and that's enjoyable with or without beer.

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  1. "Yay" for ambivalence towards drinking games. The process of getting drunk doesn't require games or its own form of foreplay. Though I don't doubt this would be better than most.